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SEPA payment

SEPA Project is an important step of European integration in the field of payments. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) represents an area, in which cashless transfers in EUR are made under single conditions.

Product Description

SEPA Credit Transfer is a payment in EUR within SEPA area. The account number is unified for the entire SEPA area, the account number of the creditor is indicated in the international format of account number (IBAN), and the bank of the creditor is identified with a swift code (BIC).


  • speed - the payment is transferred to the creditor´s bank account on the following banking day after the due date of the order and on the same day it is credited to the account of the creditor.
  •  the payment is transferred between the account in the full amount
  •  identical conditions – the fee for the payment is independent on the country or the bank, in which the creditor´s account is kept
  • price – the fee of SHA type – the sender of payment pays only the fees for outgoing payment under the Price List of his/her bank, the creditor of payment pays the fees for incoming payment under the Price List of his/her bank
  • easier setup of payment orders – the identical format of account number for all SEPA payments