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Mission and values


Our intention is to be the best bank in the Czech Republic in terms of client satisfaction and, moreover, to be excellent in reaching profitability and operational efficiency.


Being aware of the value that our activities and services bring to society based on its needs and trust and respect to all clients, employees, and shareholders, we strive for creating a sense of solidarity between our employees and community and compete on the market applying fair play and supporting sustainable growth and results.


Our purpose is to provide quality banking and financial services to clients and continuously improve in all areas of our activity.


We want to offer products and services which are simple, and that people understand. We know how to adapt and react flexibly.


Our goal is to resolve particular problems people experience and try to bring about relevant solutions. Behind the innovations we introduce there is an added value for our clients.


We take account of the needs of clients and employees and we want to establish long-term relationships with them. We are not just people who have turned into bankers; we are bankers who remain human beings.


We believe everything goes better with smile thus we strive to provide our clients with a reason to smile during each visit of the VÚB bank.