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Trade finance

VÚB supports exporters and importers operating in the Czech Republic by the offer of products of trade finance. In order to simplify financing of your supplier – customer relationships, we offer you products of trade finance. These products will help increase your competitiveness on the market and eliminate risks related to the failure of fulfilling the agreed upon contractual obligations. We will advise you in the matter of advantageous payment terms and we will propose a suitable form of financing for your trade activities on the domestic and foreign market.

Issuance of payment and non-payment guarantees

  • in the written declaration of the bank in the warranty deed it indicates that they satisfy creditors up to the set amount of the monetary amount according to the content of the warranty deed, unless certain third party (debtor) fulfils certain obligations or other conditions defined in the warranty deed
  • Payment guarantees – ensure fulfilment of the payment obligation of the debtor, while the payment method is always provided in the payment terms of the purchase contract
  • Non-payment guarantees – ensure fulfilment of other obligations than the obligation of the debtor to pay. It is fulfilment of the contractual obligations of the supplier